Burning Man

26 Jun

Accoring to Wikipedia, Burning Man is a week-long annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, in the United States. The event begins on the last Monday in August, and ends on the first Monday in September, which coincides with the American Labor Day holiday.

It takes its name from the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy, which is set alight on Saturday evening. The event is described as an experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance.[1][2][3][4] Burning Man is organized by Black Rock City, LLC and has been running since 1986.

The event is similar to another event, the burning of Zozobra, or “Old Man Gloom” which has taken place on Labor Day weekend in Santa Fe, NM since 1926. In 2010, 51,515 people attended Burning Man.[5] 2011 attendance was capped at 50,000 participants and the event sold out on July 24.[6] In April 2011, Larry Harvey announced that the organization had begun the process of transitioning management of Burning Man over to a new non-profit organization called the “Burning Man Project”.

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  • Why is anything There?</p>
<p>There are many things that happen here and there and everywhere and happen without reason or forethought.  Terrible things fall around us and into us, random events of trauma, and worse, doubt.  Not everything in this world is there for a useful purpose.  So why not have huge white flowers in a desert?  If you ask why about everything, then you're probably not always asking the right questions, I tell myself.
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  • The sunrise drifted across the desert like a thought that would not go away.  Through the long night there was a gentle aching for the sun, for the morning warm breeze, for the transcendant heat.  It transported all of us into another day while we spun around and around underneath.
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  • I knew it could not be real.  Nights on earth were not like this.  It only is real within the framework of a game or a book or a movie or that temporary escapism that pulls us out from a rather banal life.  But it is real.  You can see the lasers as they dance across your retina and you can feel the cool wind from the night desert slide up your leg and you can hear the metallic cries of a new sound and you can taste a fine alkaline coolness in the back of your throat.  And you can drift among the lights and the souls and dance between and through spirits that haunt the night with you.  And it is all real and none of it matters and everything matters.  And it is all matter.
  • She stood in the light while in shadow.  The path led endlessly into the fog and she saw it for what it was.  The path was just one, and she had already chosen.  In the distance, it fell away into a blue haze.  Every few steps would reveal something impossible and unforeseen.  What would appear next was beyond reason and what would appear underfoot would be enough to make any mortal’s heart shudder.  She had a hundred paths within her, even though she only stood on one.
  • Charon crosses the river Styx, ferrying a lost soul into the beyond, forever.  This is where the souls go that have no hope, the endless void.  Travelers come and pull and twist and spin and see the strobes alight upon the skeleton bones.  The neck tilts and the head bows in a deathly pose, a skinless grimace pulls back a macabre grin of hate; the hate of a man who dies alone, between worlds of understanding.
  • He stands alone.  The winds and the playa and the people swirl around him in a vortex of light.  He rests upon an old stick hewn from time and old, twisted wood.  It tethers him to the dirt and it pulses with an energy between his soul and… something else.  He stands alone.  But not.
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  • The fire spun in a time the lasted forever in an instant.  The man inside obeyed and commanded it, weaving himself into a veil between what we saw and what he felt.  Inside, we saw each flame and it stayed with with us.  In another day, the tower behind would burn.</p>
<p>I watched him dance.  There was a fine powder of sand above the hard-packed earth.  The powder was like a dust, a cloud, a fog, a mist that where his toes slipped around and through.  The mist would eddy and fall and rise in time for him to slide back through, the orange light from the flames above fell into and through the mist, dancing with his gentle feet.
  • The metal kimodo neck bends skyward.  There is only one sound.  It is the sound of a hundred trunk-thick ropes holding back a moored ship.  They rub and tear against one another, the braids and coils tearing free and pulled back into the spiral.  The ropes scream like iron pulled apart by a furnace, and they burn like a soul reaching back for the earth.  Fire from the kimodo rests within and the broiling sea churns and twists beneath the hull.  The head bends back towards the earth, a new tension building in its dire armor.  It tears through the sky for something new to devour.  A heat shimmers from its scalloped visage, a heat that melts the heart of all that pass before.
  • The sunrise drifted across the desert like a thought that would not go away.  Through the long night there was a gentle aching for the sun, for the morning warm breeze, for the transcendant heat.  It transported all of us into another day while we spun around and around underneath.
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