Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

01 Aug


This Jurassic Park-inspired photo took the Internet by storm, and it’s easy to see why! 

dinosaur attacks bridal party

Photo Credit: Quinn Miller Photo + Design This couple cast a spell on their bridesmaids and groomsmen, Harry Potter-style:

harry potter wedding photo

Photo Credit: Michelle Chiu Photography

Here, the bride channeled Darth Vader and used the “Force Choke” to lift the groom and groomsmen off the ground:
star wars wedding photo

Photo Credit: RSB Photography

Adorable Flower Girls:
These flower girls’ reactions to the couple’s first kiss are just priceless:
flower girl reactions to the first kiss

Photo Credit: Studio Cabrelli But make sure you shield your impressionable flower girl from bridal party hijinks: 

dont corrupt the flower girl

Photo Credit: Maria Vicenio Photography Calling All Sports Fans

Incorporate your favorite sport, from baseball…

baseball wedding photo

Photo Credit: LauraBelle Photography …to football:

Photo Credit: Maria Velarde …to golf:

golf wedding photo

Photo Credit: Oakstream Photography No Peeking

Guests, please avert your eyes from the PDA!

cover your eyes

Photo Credit: Duston Todd But there’s always that one who can’t follow directions…

funny wedding photo with bridal party

Photo Credit: Closer to Love Photography Reject Stereotypical Gender Roles

Grooms love showing off their new bling, too!

groom showing off ring

Photo Credit: Plumtree Studios These groomsmen borrowed the bridesmaids’ bouquets (and pose!):

groomsmen with bouquets

Photo Credit: Robb Davidson This bride proudly drank the groomsmen under the table:

drinking the guys under the table

Photo Credit: Igo Photography Bridal Party Shots I love the look on the bride’s face in this daring photo op:

funny bridal party photo

Photo Credit: Alex M. Photography How much do you trust your groomsmen?

fun photo with groomsmen

Photo Credit: Hoffer Photography Another silly shot with the groomsmen:

fun wedding photo with groomsmen

Photo Credit: B&E Photographs 
Do a Double-Take

No, those aren’t their middle fingers:

funny wedding ring photo

Photo Credit: Paul Retherford Wedding Photography A super-tall bride with slacks under her gown, or a bride on her groom’s shoulders? You be the judge:

bride on grooms shoulders

Photo via Animal Photobomb

Aren’t these dolphins the cutest photobombers you’ve ever seen?

dolphin wedding photo

Photo Credit: Sarah Mac Photography

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