Troqman Walks The Streets And Cartoon-Bomb His Surroundings To Make People Smile

20 Feb


a troqman

He started creating Cartoon Bombings during some holidays. He had a notebook, and started a travel diary but quickly got bored just drawing landscapes, so he started adding things on top of them, stories he could imagine from the landscape in front of him. And from that day, he made a habit of drawing one cartoon bombing a day and shared them on Instagram.

His creative process is quite simple, but basically he like to see things differently. We are all living in the same world, it’s part of our daily life, we are walking the same way going to work every day but nobody really pays attention to it. So he like to consider this daily environment as a great source of inspiration. He usually walked the streets of Amsterdam (he has been living there for several months now) with his bag and a few sketchbooks and black ink pencils and he just looked around.

He received very nice comments about his work from people and it makes made really happy. They motivated him to create even more, find the funniest story he can, and try to make people smile every day.”


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