Pub-Sheds Are A Growing Trend Worth Seeing

28 Jun

Did you buy that house with the yard so the kids could have a place to run around, but now they’re all grown up? It’s time to reclaim that yard and give it a grown-up touch. To be honest, even if you do still have small children, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to kick back in your own personal pub while they play outside.

These sheds-turned-pubs will inspire you to finally clean out your shed, but not to organize your tools. They’ll have to find a new home while you work on this project.
It looked small from the outside, but the above shed reveals a Marilyn Monroe themed bar complete with a flat screen television for watching the game. 
Escape to your own cabana in a light wood-finished and wicker-furnished shed. Don’t forget the hammock.
This nondescript shed opens up into a 50’s style soda-stand. 
With beers on tap and a full juke box, the term “being in the dog house” takes on a whole new meaning.
Your renovation doesn’t require a big shed. A couple of benches and a center grille also make for a cozy hide-away. Add a few mirrors and decorative steins and you have yourself a pub. 
One household took a small rectangular shed and added bar windows and outdoor seating. The brightly decorated interior is big enough to house everything the bartender needs while comfortably mixing up a cocktail. 
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